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A few of Beth's posts on reducing waste and better recycling


waste not, save more

On average, each person in the U.S. throws away five pounds of solid waste each day. While many eco–conscious citizens do their due diligence to recycle, compost, and reduce waste, others remain apathetic about preserving the environment. Wherever you might land on the eco-friendly scale, innovative “Pay As You Throw” (PAYT) programs are incentivizing people nationwide to increase (or start) recycling and composting through a usage-pricing model.


why we need to be smarter about recycling

The past few months, you may have seen headlines proclaiming the death of recycling. Reports of stalled overseas markets and recyclables piling up at facilities destined for nowhere have sparked a frenzy of fear that the beloved practice is in decline.

While there is substantial turmoil and frustrating challenges due to recent changes, this is not the end of recycling. Instead, this could be the beginning of a fuller, more sustainable system that can unlock environmental and economic benefits we have yet to fully reach. But only if we take action now...